Estrategic human resources management.

"We believe in the added value that a high-caliber consulting service can generate in the business world."

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Our services are guided by the values of Responsibility, Confidentiality, Flexibility and Quality.

In our practice, we maintain the following behavioral standards as a guarantee of our professionalism: organization, discipline, commitment, fidelity, adhering to the laws established by the country, WIN-WIN spirit and ethics. We believe in the added value that a high caliber consultancy can generate in the business world.

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Organizational Development





Administración ( 5 Vacantes)

Almacén ( 1 Vacantes)

Compras ( 3 Vacantes)

Contabilidad ( 1 Vacantes)

Derecho ( 1 Vacantes)

Distribución ( 1 Vacantes)

Finanzas ( 1 Vacantes)

Gastronomía ( 3 Vacantes)

Ingeniería Mecánica ( 2 Vacantes)

Logística ( 3 Vacantes)

Marketing ( 8 Vacantes)

Mensajería ( 1 Vacantes)

Servicio al Cliente ( 3 Vacantes)

Supply Chain ( 1 Vacantes)

Ventas ( 2 Vacantes)

Our history

D&C Consulting was founded in 2007 with the intention to add value to our clients through the support and improvement of their human resources processes. We are a group of professionals with a vast human resources and management experience in local and international companies. We have merged together as a team to offer business consulting services and strategic management solutions.

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